What Makes These Lures Work?

UGLI-Tech™ Glow-in-the-Dark Additives

It’s like having a tackle box full of colors in each lure™. UGLI-Tech™ glow-in-the-dark additives enable your lures to automatically adjust their color and brightness to changing water conditions. In bright clear water, the lure’s daylight colors are visible. As the water gets darker, UGLI-Tech™ lures get brighter and glow fully visible even in total darkness. UGLI-Tech™ is charged by UV light. UV light is found in sun light, fluorescent, and black lights popular for night fishing. When fishing on a bright sunny day, the lure will get charged up every time it is cast and exposed to the sun. The UGLI-Tech™ glow kicks in as the lure enters shadows or dives deeper into the darker water giving predators something new to lock onto and attack.

Lunker Calling Colors

Even if these lures didn’t incorporate UGLI-Tech™ glow-in-the-dark technology they would be great looking lures. These proven fish catching patterns and colors are the foundation upon which Photon Lures are built. When fishing ultra-clear water on bright days, the lure’s foundation colors will call “come and get it”.

Bulging 3D Eyes


Predators key in on the eyes of their prey. Locating a prey fish’s eyes allows the predator to sneak up on the unsuspecting fish from the back side. Other manufacturers talk about 3D eyes but by comparison theirs are flat little dots. Our Bulging 3D Eyes™ utilize UGLI-Tech™ giving even finicky feeding walleye and bass a tempting target to attack.

Internal Rattles

Sight, Sound, and Action! These are the three must haves to create a lure that attracts and consistently catches fish. We’ve talked about the sight factor –UGLI-Tech™ glow colors and killer patterns. What about sound? In addition to their tempting visual appeal, Photon Lures have ((( loud ))) internal rattles to catch a fish’s attention through his lateral line even before he has seen the lure.


Fish eat fish. Hey, and it didn’t take us years of research to figure that one out. So, the fish saw the lure (sight) and she heard the lure (sound) but does it look like a fish? Fish will strike a lure for several reasons. Sometimes it is because the lure looks aggressive and it triggers an aggression strike from the predator where the fish will just inhale the lure. At other times, a predator will track a lure until it gets extremely close and then just sort of sip it in. We aren’t about to tell you that there is one and only one action that will cause fish to strike. All we will tell you is that fish (big fish) do hit these lures in all water conditions – clear, stained, warm, cold, light, dark,… Our initial Spring ’03 Lures have a wide wobble that works well in a lot of summer, night, and fall conditions. Yes, we will be introducing lures with other actions because we know that at times part of matching the hatch is matching the ‘action’that the fish are looking for and feeding on.

Tough Skin

Fishing can be tough on lures. Rocks, big fish hits, and banging against underwater structure all can take a toll on your lures. Photon Lures have an extremely hard and durable epoxy overcoat helping to keep your lures looking great longer. The overcoat is specially formulated so that it will not react with your plastic worms.

Sharp Hooks

Strong, high quality treble hooks insure more hookups. Our standard hooks are rust resistant great performers. We know that some of you out there pretty fanatical about your treble hooks. If you have a custom hook preference let us know and we can custom rig your lures. We can “tournament-upgrade” your lures to VMC, Owner, Mustad, Excalibur, or Gamakatsu hooks.

Make Your Photon Lures Glow

  • Photon Lures charge quickly.
  • Each lure contains luminous additives that will glow for hours after exposure to light.

Choosing the Best Charging Light

Most kinds of light can be used to charge your lures but some lights work better than others. The lures glow after being exposed to ultraviolet light (UV light). Most lights put off UV rays but some lights are better than others. Incandescent lights and many LED lights have very little UV output. Fluorescent lamps are good, black lights are better, and sun light the best.

Light Source Incandescent Fluorescent Black light UV light Sun light
Charging Capability okay good better best* best
* Note: UV light is not visible to the human eye but can be hazardous to your health. Never shine a UV light directly in your eyes and always keep out of reach of children.

No need to charge during the day (Give Your Lure a Sun Tan)

Anytime that you need sunscreen your Photon Lures are automatically getting charged. Sunlight is an excellent source of UV rays. Every time that you bring the lure up out of the water to make a cast it will get exposed to the sunlight keeping the lure charged all day long without you having to do anything other than fish. Even on overcast days your Photon Lures will receive plenty of UV rays. Standing in the bright sunlight you may not see the glow but every time your lure enters a shady area or dives through the water the Fish will see the glow.

Glow in the Day?

Why do I need a fishing lure that glows on a bright sunny day? Dive down ten feet in your favorite lake, take a look around, and you will quickly ‘see’ what a glow lure can do for your fish catching. Water gets dark quick! Even in clear water it gets dark quickly as you go down even a few feet. Many traditional lures use metal blades to create a flash of light from what little light is available. Photon Lures create their own light, and flash, as the lure enters and leaves shaded areas.

Fish find structure

Bright days create shadows. Overhanging trees and steep banks cast shadows onto the water. Underwater structure such as rocks, trees, and brush also create shadows. Fish seek structure and shadows. Big predator fish seek these shadowy areas to ambush unsuspecting prey fish as they swim by. As your Photon Lure enters and leaves these areas of varying light they automatically adjust color, brightness, and they glow to entice vicious reaction strikes.

Night Fishing

A black light is absolutely the best way to charge your Photon Lures when night fishing. Black lights are an essential part of any fisherman’s night fishing arsenal. These lights make your fishing line ‘glow’ an iridescent blue so that you can see the line move when you are getting a bite. Black lights also help to illuminate the bank to aid in casting and avoiding catching trees and rocks.

Black Light Charging

To charge your Photon Lure at night, place the lure up to the black light for 10-30 seconds and then enjoy fishing.

Night Vision

Another plus when using black lights is that they will not mess up your night vision the way white light will. When someone turns on a white light at night it takes several minutes for your eyes to adjust before you can see in the dark again. Black light doesn’t bother night vision nearly as much. If you really want to save your night vision, keep the black light pointed away form the boat towards the bank (or fishing area) and use a red light inside the boat to see what you are doing. Red light bothers your night vision least of all. Use a red bulb in your flash light, one of those red LED lights, or put red cellophane wrap over your flash light. My personal favorite is a red LED head lamp that fits over my hat allowing me hands free operation when I’m looking through the tackle box, tying a knot, or landing a fish.

The Glow Fades

Immediately after charging your lure it will appear very bright (some of the green glows are bright enough to read by!). After several minutes, you may notice the glow fading. While you can go back and give your lure a quick charge, some fishermen report that lures work even better after the first intense glow fades a little bit.

Solunar Table

Fullmoon and new moon nights can be great times to go night fishing. Photon Lures have advanced glow in the dark technology that allows lures to be seen and attacked by prowling lunkers with or without moonlight. Black lures are often a great choice for full moon nights because the blackness of the lure contrasts with the dimly lit moonlight surroundings. Our GlowDark™ is a black lure with bright silver trim and an UGLI-Tech™ extreme glow rim that makes it look like someone is shining a flash light behind the lure even on nights with little moonlight or on overcast nights