Handcrafted fishing lures that GLOW-in-the-DAY and GLOW-in-the-DARK for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and walleye fishing. A tacklebox full of colors in each of our fishing lures.
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Sumo Frog by BozeSumo Frog by Boze - tournament winner

The SUMO FROG is an incredibly life-like frog. This lure is especially designed to catch big fish in tough cover. Boze created the Sumo Frog as the ulitimate weapon when you are fishing around weed beds, lily pads, moss, reeds, and just about any type of vegetation you will find.

The Sumo Frog is also very effective casting under docks and structure. If you cut or thin the skirts the Sumo Frog turns briskly in a walk-the-dog manner.

  • Extra sharp double hook by OWNER - they won't let go!
  • Long cast design, easy to cast with heavy line.
  • Weedless, Hook fits the body, and will never slip out.
  • Big eyes give big fish a target to track and attack.
  • Alive and kicking long twin legs
  • This lure stays upright and will not tumble over.

Buy a Sumo Frog - Black Menace or Green Menace (bullfrog)

Dean Rojas fishing a Sumo topwater

These are the frog lures that you might have seen Dean Rojas fishing in the recent Bassmaster Classic on TV. He fished them very effectively in open water and they are great for skipping up under structure such as docks and piers.

Setting the Hook with a Boze Sumo Frog

Keep your cool when the fish strikes...

If you feel the fish then set the hook!

If the fish misses, don't worry it will try again.

The lession is that sometimes in their eagerness to eat this tasty morsel, a smallmouth bass or largemouth bass will make a big dash at the lure but not quite get it in its mouth. Don't worry. This is just the initial attack that lunker fish make to stun their prey. If you react to quickly to such a strike you will pull the lure several feet from the initial strike (maybe into the boat if you really have deer fever). If you can't feel the fish pulling on the line then the Sumo Frog isn't in the fish's mouth good enough to set the hook. Just keep on retreiving the lure and don't panic. The big boy will be back for another attack.

Once you feel the fish on the line set the hook and set it hard.

Using braided line with a Sumo Frog

These lures weight in at 5/8 ounce so you can throw them with heavier line. When you are fishing in the "slop" a braided line is a great choice. A strong braided line will give you the ability to wrestle the big ones out of the muck and get them back to the boat. Once you get a big bass on one of these Sumo Frogs they will often try and dig down into the heavy cover this is where you need to use the strength of the braided line and pull that fish out of the cover and into open water where you can play her better. Another advantage of braided line when fishing cover is its ability to take the abuse and abrasion that will quickly weeken your monofilament line. You don't want nicks and abrasions that will make your line brake and cost you the big one.

Sumo Frogs are hot lures and we've got them

Get your Sumo Frogs from our online store.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like these lures send them back no questions asked and we will completely refund your money. Hey, we're confident that you won't be sending them back and if you do we'll just stick'm in our tacklebox anyway.

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