Stripped Bass Lures – Striped Bass Lures

Fishing for stripped bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass or striped bass then you have found a great new lure for your tackle box. Photon Lures Extreme Glow Fishing Lures are great lures for trolling and casting for striped bass.

Our stripped bass fishing lure is currently in field testing and should be available for purchase within the next several weeks.

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Design Your Own Stripped Bass Lure

We are currently asking striper fisherman to let us know the type of luminous fishing lures that you would like Photon Lures to make next.

So, if you have a hybrid, white, or stripper pattern that you would like Photon Lures to turn into a Glowing Pattern please drop us a line and let us know. We just might make some and send you some FREE to field test for us.