Pen Blacklight

Blacklights” are a great source of light to charge your Photon Lures ( and any glow lure for that matter). We’ve searched for a rugged light that can stand up to the demands of fishing in any and all conditions.

You’ll be as impressed with this Pen Blacklight as we are. This is absolutely the best handheld blacklight we’ve found. Made by Coast Cutlery, a name that means quality in the outdoor tool market, your pen light comes with a lifetime warranty.

Night Fishing
A lot of people have blacklights in their boats to illuminate the bank and their line while night fishing. Yes, you can use the black light in your boat to charge your Photon Lures but it is often difficult for everyone in the boat to get to the black light without creating a tangled mess.

When you use your Pen Blacklight you can quickly and easily charge your glowing lures.

Ice Fishing
Our pen blacklight is a low power way to keep your glowing ice fishing jigs and lures glowing. The thumb press button on the side of the light can easily be pressed even with gloves on. The strong “blacklight” emitted by our light is much better at charging your lure than any other light or LED colored light.

Other Uses
We use our pen blacklight primarily for fishing but this light has many other uses. You can use the “blacklight” from this light for counterfeit money detection, find pet urine stains, and detect “invisible ink”.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Shock proof, water resistant and cold burning
  • LED–“Light-Emitting Diodes”
  • No bulb to change
  • UV/Blue Beam
  • Reflector tube provides extra-wide and focused beams at the same time
  • Up to 100 hours of light without a battery change
  • Diode-charge system
  • Easy on/off-switch
  • Durable, anodized metal case
  • 2-1/2” in length
  • Batteries included/ 4 Alkaline AG5
  • Replacement batteries can be found at any Photo shop, Wal-Mart or Jeweler.

This light is perfect for making your Photon Lures glow.