Oswego Fishing with Photon Lures

Photon Lures Extreme Glow Fishing Lures make for great steelhead fishing on the Oswego River. Fisherman are reporting great success with Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, Bass, Walleye, and Pike.

These fishing lures have been field tested all over with great success.

Extreme Glow Fishing Lures

Photon Lures are fishing lures designed to attract and make them attack:

  • Great color patterns for all situations.
  • Extreme Glow colors that help fish find and track your lure from greater distances in all light and water conditions.
  • Bulging 3D Glowing Eyes – proven to provoke attacks from big fish.
  • Wide wobble, wounded baitfish action.
  • Tough double coated bodies.