Northern Pike Fishing Lures

Summer time, big Northern Pike can be agressive lure attacking machines if you know where to find them and what type of lures that they are looking for.

Being a southerner that ventures north to fish boundary waters for smallmouth bass, I’ve found that big pike often inhabit ideal bass areas during the dog days of summer.

Cover with access to deeper water

In the top of Minnesota and southern Ontario, big pike are often found cruising weedlines that have access to deeper, cooler water. Thick lily pads and grasses are often the place for a weedless presentation such as a plastic worm. While this method is effective, I’ve found that running the right kind of top-water lure or even better the right crankbait in these areas can produce some really big fish.

Instead of fishing a weedless presentation through the lily pads and grass, throw a crankbait up to the gaps in the growth or right to the edge of the weed line near deep water. Another effective retreive is to run a crankbait in the clear water on the deep side of the grass. This will often draw big, aggressive northern pike out. They don’t come out pecking at your lure either, they smash it.

Northern Pike Lure Selection

I’ve personally had great success with the classic Fire Tiger pattern when fishing for Northern Pike. I knew that this pattern has always been killer on pike so I was pretty sure that adding our UGLI-Tech™ glow to a Fire Tiger would be great for catching northern pike.

GlowTiger – Glowing Fishing Lure

With the addition of UGLI-Tech™ glow, we created the GlowTiger™. The glow shows up in the slightest of shadows and really draws attention to itself in a way that pikes just can’t seem to resist.