Handcrafted fishing lures that GLOW-in-the-DAY and GLOW-in-the-DARK for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and walleye fishing. A tacklebox full of colors in each of our fishing lures.
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Extreme Glow Fishing Lure

Fish will just plain see your Glowing fishing lure better
and they will attack your lure!

A fishing lure that glows different colors is easier to find in all lighting conditions. When you fish with a Photon fishing lure, you will increase your strike zone and attract more and bigger predators from greater distances.

Your Photon fishing lure will glow in the slightest shadow. These lures aren't just for night fishing or stained water. Even crystal clear water gets pretty dark when you are down in the 8-10 feet deep strike zone where so many lunkers are found.

Scientifically Designed And Tournament Proven
When you take Photon Lures to the lake, you are taking a fishing lure that has been carefully researched and designed to provide maximum contrast and 'flash' to help lunkers locate and attack your lure against all types of cover and backgrounds.

Engineered To Be A Great Fishing Lure
We are a little different when it comes to fishing lure design...Our staff includes biologists, image processing experts, and engineers who understand fish vision, lure design, and what it takes to make a great lure that attracts fish and helps you catch them.

Field Tested And Tournament Proven
Fisherman all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the world are using and loving Photon Lures Extreme Glow Fishing Lures.

Once you try them you will love them too!

North American Fishing Club
Tested and Approved!
Each year, the North American Fishing Club (NAFC) tests a wide selection of fishing lures in a nation-wide field test using avid fisherman. Only a limited number of superior lures with the highest marks from field testers receive the coveted NAFC Seal of Approval. Following extensive field testing by hundreds of NAFC fisherman, we are proud to announce that each Photon fishing lure received high marks and outstanding reviews from the North American Fishing Club.

Photon Lures has created the ultimate fishing lure for a wide range of fish:

  • smallmouth bass
  • largemouth bass
  • walleye
  • northern pike
  • trout
  • steelhead
  • peacock bass
  • and many species of saltwater fish,...

Making a Photon Fishing Lure Glow
Sunny Day & Overcast Days
That's easy! Your Photon lure gets charged by ultraviolet light (UV rays). This is the same type of light that gives you a sun tan. So, when you are fishing on a sunny day, your lure will automatically get charged everytime that you make a cast by the sun's rays keeping your lure glowing all day long without you having to do a thing.

Night Fishing
When fishing at night, use your boat's black light, a flash light, or our rugged handheld black light to quickly charge your extreme glow fishing lure. Handheld blacklight to charge your glow fishing lure Once you charge one of your Photon Lures extreme glow fishing lures for 1 to 2 minutes it will glow for an hour or two. Some of our glows last for up to eight hours.

Online Fishing Lure Store
Photon Lures offers a wide selection of extreme glow fishing lures to match every fishing situation:

  • Crankbaits (8-12 feet running depth)
  • Deep Diving Crankbaits (15-20 feet running depth)
  • Ultralight, Finesse Crankbaits
  • Soft Plastics (Worms & Grubs)

They All Glow!!!

All of our lures GLOW... Fish SEE glowing lures better & attack them... You CATCH more fish!

Glow. See. Catch!

Photon Extreme Glow Fishing Lure Shopping
Get your Photon Extreme Glow Fishing Lure in our
online store. Great selection, low cost shipping, and rapid delivery to get you on the water catching fish.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you aren't completely satisfied with your Photon Lures, simply send them back for a 100% complete refund.

Need a last minute gift? Photon Lures Gift Certificates make the perfect gift. Select gift amounts from $10 – $200. For true last minute shoppers, we can email you your gift certificate so you can print it out and put it in your own envelope.

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