Crawfish Lures Crawdad Lures

Whether you say crawfish, crayfish, or crawdad lures, bass love crawfish and imitation crawdad lures can provide for some truly exciting fishing and catching!

Photon Lures’ Extreme Glow Crawfish Lures are helping fisherman just like you catch lots of quality smallmouth and largemouth bass all over the country…and the world.

Matching the Hatch

Photon Lures offers a range of craw patterns, colors, Glows, and sizes to help you provide the bass in your lake, river, or pond with just the right presentation to create monster strikes. Often when out fishing, you’ll find bass with crayfish that they spit up during the fight to the boat. Look at the color of the craw and switch to a lure that matches size and color or craws that the bass are eating.