Cicada Fishing Lure

Photon Lures Extreme GlowCicada™ makes for exciting fishing during the Cicada hatch. This is a great lure anytime but during the hatching of Cicada it really causes the bass to attack. Our GlowCicada features bulging red 3D glow eyes that look like a Cicada’s. The color patterns look like those of a swarming Cicada and they are enhanced with Photon Lures proprietary UGLI-Tech glow colors. Add to this killer color pattern and glow effects our special chroma shifting treatment and you will be fishing with a lure that drives bass crazy.


The GlowCicada has a black head with orange-red 3D bulging glow eyes, a green-black back and underside, and orange glow sides that look like the wings of a Cicada. The entire lure also has a special chroma shifting treatment that provides iridescent qualities.

Brood X

The spring and summer of 2004 is a major hatch of cicada. This particular hatch is known as “Brood X” and is concentrated in the central and south east United States.

How The GlowCicada Fishing Lure Works

Photon Lures’ UGLI-Tech™ glow effects make the GlowCicada™ glow and flash in the slightest shadow. This effect has been proven to attract predators and entice them strike hard and often. Our bulging 3D glow eyes look like the large compound eyes of a Cicada. Plenty of research has shown that predator fish pay special attention to the eyes of prey so that they can locate the prey’s head and its direction and plan their attack accordingly. Photon’s glow eyes help big attacking fish to lock on, stay locked on, and attack.

Bass Feeding Like Carp?

I was just talking with my good friend Eddie Bush, East Tennessee Fishing Machine, and he relayed a Cicada fishing story to me. He remembers coming in 2nd in a tournament due to a Cicada encounter. Eddie said that during the tournament he hadn’t caught much at all and it was already afternoon with little to show for it. He ventured back into a cove and he saw a bunch of Cicada floating around on top of the water struggling to get free. Something was back there eating the Cicada and he was just sure it was carp feeding on them. You know the way carp will just swim along under the surface of the water and just barely pickle the water’s surface. It looks like the fish is just coming up right below and sucking in a little bit of water and the bug at the same time. Upon closer inspection, Eddie realized that the feeding fish had a black strip on their backs. These weren’t carp — They Were Bass! Well, Eddie threw out a little black lure to imitate the Cicada and would let it sit on the top of the water and he would just give it the slightest of twitches to simulate the struggling bug on top of the water. In short order, Eddie had two bass of about five pounds and he caught his limit right there in that cove using the Cicada imitation technique.

Carp Fishing with GlowCicada™, Huh?

During the Cicada hatch carp begin to think that they are bass. With Cicadas floating on top of the water, carp will attack them the same way a bass will attach a top-water lure. Now I know what you’re thinking, “No self-respecting bass fisherman is on purpose going to go fishing for carp”. Well, I’m a bass fisherman and I usually think of carp as a nuisance.

But during the Cicada hatch, you can have a ton of fun catching a bunch of bass and carp with a GlowCicada™. Flip your GlowCicada™ out and let it sit on top of the water for a few seconds. Next gently twitch your rod tip to make your line and the lure wiggle in the water like a struggling Cicada. You can also use a half foot movement of your rod tip to make the lure ride right under the surface of the water creating a bulge. Let your lure float back to the surface and hold on. An afternoon of landing big fish can wear your arm out.

Send us your GlowCicada™ Fishing Reports

Let us know where the Cicada are hatching and getting in the water, and tell us know how the fishing goes when you go fishing with Photon Lures. Be sure to send us pictures of those big lunkers that you catch with the GlowCicada™.