Handcrafted fishing lures that GLOW-in-the-DAY and GLOW-in-the-DARK for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and walleye fishing. A tacklebox full of colors in each of our fishing lures.
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Personalized Gifts

Our good friends at Personalized-Expert have everything that you could ever want when it comes to personalized gifts and apparel. Visit them and get initials and monograms added to just about anything to make it personalized just for you or that special someone.

Visit www.Personalized-Expert.com and tell them the folks at Photon Lures sent you.

  • Personalized computer bags

  • Personalized towel sets
  • pet towels
  • wraps
  • beach towels
  • carves
  • personalized Christmas stockings
  • aprons
  • pencils, mugs, ...
  • dog collars
  • tote bags
  • personalized gifts

personalized computer bags 34

personalized towel sets 62

personalized pet towels 62

personalized wraps 43

personalized beach towels 75

personalized scarves 52

personalized christmas stockings 169

personalized aprons 75

personalized pencils 120

personalized dog collars 50

personalized tote bags 51

personalized gifts 960

personalized pillow cases 17

personalized robes 65

personalized backpacks 24

personalized stationary 124

personalized gifts for girls 18

personalized bathrobes 24

personalized ribbon 81

personalized mugs 59

personalized quilts 18

personalized baby gifts 196

personalized bags 34

personalized underwear 21

personalized wedding gifts 72

personalized shirts 23

personalized baby blanket 21

personalized anniversary gifts 26

personalized baby blankets 31

personalized throws 51

personalized t-shirts 41

personalized wedding gift 32

personalized dog collar 18

unique personalized gifts 38

personalized baby gift 29

personalized christmas gifts 25

personalized teddy bears 16

personalized 99

personalized gift 20

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