GlowCisco™ Extreme Glow Fishing Lure

The Photon Lures Extreme GlowCisco™ imitates a variety of forage minnows such as the cisco and fathead. This lure looks and acts like a struggling minnow just asking a big fish to attack.

To make the offering Photon Extreme we’ve added an intense blue glow to the entire body. As the white belly of the lure enters the slightest shadow, the lure begins to glow blue. This glow has a very good contrast with the dark blue/black back of the lure and the bulging yellow 3D glow eyes to create a strike tempting pattern.

And another thing, colors travel different distances though the water with blue traveling the farthest. This lure‘s intense blue glow will expand your strike zone and attract predator fish from greater distances.