Bass Fishing Lures

Photon Lures Extreme Glow fishing lures use superior technology to catch more smallmouth and largemouth bass.

These lure start with great looking, fish attracting bait fish and critter patterns that would catch fish even if we didn’t make them glow.

Next we turn these lures into true fish catching machines by adding the most advanced glow effects available on the market today.

When your bass fishing lure glows…

Bass can locate your lure from a greater distance – englarging your strike zone.

Bass can track your lure better against changing light, background, and water conditions helping draw the fish in to the range where they commit to striking the lure.


Scientific research and studies performed by some of the nations leading universities and fishery scientists prove that bass have exellent color vision. Unfortunately, color doesn’t travel very well under water and some colors travel better underwater than others. So when you are wanting to fish that shiny red lure down at 10-12 feet it will appear as some shade of grey to bass swimming at that level.

Put your mouse over the pictures of bass fishing lures on the left-hand side of the screen to see what a bass would be seeing in the murky water down 8-12 feet deep.

Photon Lures Take the Light with them Where the Bass Are

Unlike normal lures, Photon Lures output different colored light down at 10-12 feet, even 50 feet or deeper. This ain’t something that bass have seen everyday. The presence of active colors and flash at these depths where the fish are feeding naturally tempts predators into investigating and striking your lure.

Visit our Extreme Glow Photon Lures Store and give yourself the advantage you’ve been looking for.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If these lures don’t work for you just send them back for a complete refund. Now how many fishing lure manufactures offer you that? We know these lures work and we know that you will love them as much as we do.

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